Longing and belonging

Are you struggling with an unfulfilled longing or a lack? Get to know the effects this has on your life, learn how you bring this to terms with reality and how this leads to movement. Come home to yourself!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want something, but don’t succeed in getting it.
  • You feel something is missing, but can’t put this feeling into words.
  • You’re rarely satisfied with what you have; isn’t that other thing even better?
  • You wonder whether you are living or being lived.
  • You know what you want, but wonder if you deserve it.
  • It feels like the world doesn’t understand you. And you don’t understand the world.

Take this workshop and find out:

  • What effects your longing or lack is already having on you and how it affects your life.
  • If this longing or lack is yours or one that comes from someone else.
  • How it feels to stay close to yourself and your longing. This is how you become complete.
  • How you come home to yourself when you include your longing in your physical life.
  • How happy you are to be you, when you fully accept yourself.

How do we do this? By constantly switching between short theory and experience-based exercises. And by responding to group input.

What did I find important? I could grow at my own speed and remain connected, in a safe and personal way. Today, I live with respect for everything that ever was and look forward to the future. I have grown and have more self-worth. – Wies

Why it would be a shame to miss this workshop:

  • In action | We help you see your longing in a different way and to come to terms with reality. This leads to clarity and movement.
  • Closer to yourself | Longing is a powerful, creative force in your life. Dealing with it in a conscious manner brings you closer to yourself. Sometimes that suffices.
  • Fulfilment and peace | Dealing with your longing will lead to peace and fulfilment in your life, even though you might not realise this right away.

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