Learning from ‘not knowing’

You lost your footing and you don’t know what to do anymore. This workshop teaches you to see opportunities in this ‘not knowing’ and in ‘what is now’. This leads to movement and brings peace.

Don’t know what to do anymore?

Did you lose your footing in life and are you unsure what to do in your relationship or job, for example, or your life as a whole? This might have happened as a result of a divorce or death. Or maybe you’ve been feeling this way for a long time. Perhaps you don’t know why or what causes it. In any case, ‘not knowing’ paralyses you. What do you do about it?

During this workshop…

  • You’ll discover that becoming aware of your guiding beliefs has a liberating effect.
  • You’ll experience that you can only allow the new after daring to let go of the old.
  • You’ll learn to have an open mind and to embrace your life’s potential.
  • You’ll find out that ‘not knowing’ is not an empty concept, but full of life, creativity and future prospects.
  • You’ll learn to see the positive aspects of chaos and to let go of your fear of it.

How we do this? By constantly switching between short theory and experience-based exercises. And by responding to group input.

I was insecure and looking for myself really hard: that’s how I ended up at Double Circle. The constellations provided me with insights into my patterns and beliefs and helped me let go of them, constantly taking new steps. I learned to look for my true self, to take responsibility and look into myself again and again. – participant

Why do participants take this workshop?

  • Know what you want | Find out what determines your life now and discover the possibilities that ‘not knowing’ has to offer. Make choices based on what you want in life.
  • Lifelong inspiration | You’re looking for a tool that inspires your life, in ever-changing circumstances. We don’t give you the fish, we teach you how to catch it : )
  • Experience the potential | ‘Not knowing’ is part of every person, including you. Don’t be afraid of a part of yourself. Learn how to deal with it and get to know its potential.
  • Liberate yourself | When you fully accept ‘not knowing’, it has a liberating effect. Don’t project your wishes into the future, get to know the potential of what is achievable today. That gives you peace.

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