Systemic and family constellations

Do you want a better grip on your life or do you want to invest in personal development? By using systemic and family constellations we make you aware of hindering patterns, so that you can start moving.

Can you relate to this?

  • You want to improve your relationship with your family and others
  • You’re looking for your place in life
  • You’re struggling with feelings of grief, fear or chaos
  • You find it hard to make decisions
  • You want to stop thinking in circles

Or maybe you’re not facing specific challenges, but want to invest in personal development?

Systemic guidance

Everyone is affected by subconscious hindering patterns. We make you aware of these by using systemic and family constellations. In doing so, we support your movement, for example to find acceptance or peace or to bond.

The results? You will have more inner peace, new insights and a grip on yourself and your life. You will have a better understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. And you will know how to deal with problems yourself.

Walter and Anne Marie present constellations in a very unifying manner and effortlessly respond to the movement in these constellations. The fact that they work together as husband and wife was a real added value for me. The constellations helped break through old patterns within myself: I learned to approach my family or a situation in a different way, gaining a lot of helpful insights. – Krista

Why Double Circle?

  • Feel heard and believed. Do you sometimes think that you’re the problem or that something’s wrong with you? It’s not. We listen to your story and take you seriously.
  • Feel seen as a person. Maybe things didn’t go as planned. We focus on your intentions and do not judge. Together, we examine underlying patterns.
  • Feel liberated. By obtaining more in-depth insights and bringing about movement in the context of the systemic constellations, we help you to connect and/or free yourself.
  • Feel secure. Working in tandem, we offer you insights from a male and female perspective. Participants say that our bond as life partners makes them feel safe and inspired.
  • Feel supported. We complement each other. This means we work faster and more in-depth and can deal with (very) difficult topics.

What kind of support do you want?

1. Individual systemic coaching

With individual systemic coaching, we’ll address your problem together. For this, we use different methods, including systemic constellations. This is perfect for:

  • getting to know our method in a personal way
  • finding out whether a constellation is something that works for you
  • dealing with personal and sensitive topics
  • people who feel less at ease in groups
  • couple-to-couple relationship coaching

Practical information: systemic coaching always takes place in Waasmont. Custom prices.

2. Systemic group constellations

During a group constellation, we focus on your problem. Other participants act as representatives or observers. Perfect for:

  • seeing the bigger picture (system) with regard to your problem
  • differentiating between symptoms and underlying patterns
  • getting to know a systemic perspective and systemic and family constellations
  • realising others face the same problems
  • making (broken) connections between people visible

Practical information about group constellations in Belgium: you pay €120 when the systemic constellation concerns your problem, or €35 when you take part as a representative or observer. Prices include VAT for private individuals and exclude VAT if an invoice is required. Dates: see dutch agenda

Donderdag 28 december • 13u00 - 18u00



Vrijdag 26 januari • 19u30 - 23u30



Vrijdag 1 maart • 19u30 - 23u30



Zondag 14 april • 11u00 - 17u00



Vrijdag 24 mei • 19u30 - 23u30



Vrijdag 5 juli • 19u30 - 23u30



Vrijdag 23 augustus • 19u30 - 23u30



Will this work for you?

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