Systemic interaction

Do you want to work on systemic interactions in your professional and private life? Stay true to yourself and make progress more quickly? This advanced course will help you get started.

What’s the target group of this course?

Do you work with/for people and want to integrate the systemic way of thinking into your personal and professional life? Do you want to deal with people and situations in your life and at work in a new and refreshing way?

If so, the advanced course ‘Systemic interaction’ is the right course for you. Welcome!

Learn about systemic interaction in 5 steps

During 2 x 3 days you’ll learn how important interactions within systems are and how to deal with these, both in your private and in your professional life.

  1. Get to know how systems live, survive and thrive. Learn about their dynamics and the way they affect us.
  2. Learn to see people as a part of a system. Only this way you can really see them as individuals.
  3. Learn how to recognise systemic patterns in situations and behaviour and decide how to deal with these matters.
  4. Learn to resist the temptation to look for solutions and invite people to view their challenge from a different perspective.
  5. Learn to stay neutral and close to the person. You’ve seen the system and the patterns, but you stay focussed on the person.

Anne Marie and Walter deal with the energy between people in a systemic way. The impact of their workshops and courses goes beyond mere insights: something ‘shifts’ inside of and between people. This has a deep and healing effect. You start from where you stand and they respect that. The only thing you need is a desire to grow and really look at yourself. – Martine 

Why choose this advanced course?

  • Useful insights | By focussing on practising and experiencing, you’ll gain new, useful insights more quickly.
  • Broader perspective| Learn to observe the systems people are a part of, recognise the systemic interactions and put the system into motion.
  • Better interactions | Discover how you can interact with people differently. Stay closer to yourself and make progress more rapidly.
  • Learn from us | We’ve been using the systemic way of thinking in countless workshops and exercises for over 10 years. This is your chance to learn from us : )
  • Work on yourself | Become aware of the way in which your own system affects you and learn to take this into account in your professional and private life.

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