A growing connection

Do you want to connect with your true self again? During this intense advanced course, we’ll examine your inner images in 5 domains and let you decide what to do with them.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re going through an intense period in your life and feel that now is a good moment to make progress and gain a better understanding of yourself.


You’ve already taken one or more thematic workshops and want to explore your true self and inner images even more thoroughly.


You want to live more consciously to truly become yourself and to feel more satisfied and at ease.

Do you recognise this? If so, you’re ready for the advanced course ‘A growing connection’. Welcome!

Examine your inner images

During 5 weekends over a period of 10 months, we’ll examine your inner images in 5 domains and let you decide what to do with them. You’ll explore these domains:

  1. My mother and I | Discover whether you’re ready to feel your right to exist and experience it.
  2. My father and I | Learn whether you can feel your inner authority and use it.
  3. My parents and I | Experience loyalty, connection and independence.
  4. My partner and I | Find out how you mirror each other and still can move as one.
  5. Myself and I | Find out whether you can take responsibility for your inner images.

The results? You connect to your true self again and realise you’ve missed this connection, which you now experience on a more conscious level.

Thanks to Double Circle, I found more peace in my life and could experience a bottom in what seemed bottomless. This is of immense value to me. I got a genuine and in-depth understanding of my patterns, wounds and habits. And in myself, I found more love and kindness for myself and for others. – Martine

What makes this advanced course unique?

  • Real change | Become so profoundly aware of yourself that you have to move. When and how depends on the person, but there always is a movement.
  • Know who you are | Plunge into 5 domains that determine your inner images and find yourself, your true self.
  • Concrete tools | Get rid of old images, take responsibility for yourself, feel the difference and live life differently.
  • Invest in yourself | Put yourself in motion and notice the movement around you. Because let’s be honest, no one will do it for you.
  • Take the next step | Use your inner images to work on the system that is you, as a part of the system around you.

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