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Do you want to see yourself and your interaction with others in a new way? Get to know your inner images, your unconscious filters on your perception of reality.

Between intention and accomplishment

Everyone has conscious and unconscious intentions seen from their own point of view. The impact of those intentions can be different than intended and can repeat itself as a pattern.

Patterns are the working tools of systems. System patterns can’t be changed, but your reactions to them can. Patterns therefore keep affecting us in the various aspects of our lives and distort our perception of reality. Because the images of these patterns keep repeating themselves in our experiences, they form our inner images.

We developed these inner images ourselves, copied them from others or acquired them from family and other systems we belong to. And we’re often unaware of this. These inner images – our filters on reality – cause the contradiction between intention and accomplishment.

What if you’re aware of your inner images?

  • You’ll learn that you don’t always achieve what you intend and you’ll know why.
  • You’ll determine where your inner images come from.
  • You’ll feel how important the different systems are that you’re a part of.
  • You’ll be able to choose whether or not to follow your inner images. It will liberate you.
  • You’ll see the interaction between your intentions, inner images and result.
  • You’ll learn to deal with these differently and put your life in motion.
  • You’ll get to know yourself better and will reconnect with who you really are.

I feel like my thinking and feeling are now better balanced, resulting in a confidence boost. I have more inner peace and accept myself. And, above all, I learned to connect with myself, others and everything there is. I got the insights, clarity and inner freedom I had been looking for. – participant

How do you become aware of your inner images?

By looking in the mirror at what surrounds you in your life, like your family, your partner, your work, … and yourself. By exploring your longing, your life, your inner convictions, … These different perspectives are covered in our systemic and family constellations, thematic workshops and advanced courses.

Accept the challenge with yourself

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