About us

Two totally different backgrounds. Coming together in systemic work and as soulmates and lovers.

Anne Marie

As an economist, I was mainly interested in interactions between people, in the context of their traditions and cultures.

By travelling the world, working as a tour leader and living in New Zealand, I explored people’s inner ambitions.

My inner journey was deepened by energetic work. In spiritual schools from different traditions, I always found a similar core.

For me, this interaction between the world and what goes on inside of people was combined in systemic work.

I’m always on the go: in nature, in books, with people and as a mother, daughter and partner. Life is a game that continues to amaze me.


As a hardware specialist, I loved to solve problems. For this, I relied on my intuition, as I often do in life.

Astrology put me on the trail of analogue thinking, observing on the basis of patterns.

With gestalt therapy and emotional body work, I explored emotions, feelings and physical perception.

Systemic work felt like coming home. For me, everything fell into place and gained a broader perspective.

I am a seeker and finder, a person who figures out the cohesion and patterns in the world. This brings me joy in the chaos that life sometimes delivers.

Double Circle

As Double Circle it feels natural for us to work together on systemic interaction. We notice how easily we complement each other in our work, something our clients have confirmed from day one.

Since 2008, we’ve come a long way with Double Circle, with many challenging courses, international workshops and fascinating clients. But we’re not done yet and enjoy our work every day!

What did I notice with Anne Marie and Walter? Their focus on the human aspect, their emotional guidance during difficult processes and their sense of humour. They speak the same language and complement each other, which makes them unique – Bert

Our systemic sources of inspiration

The basis of our own style and form are workshops and trainings, with 40+ colleagues with diverse practices and backgrounds, in Belgium and abroad.
We stay up to date through international conferences and workshops both in Belgium and abroad.